Recent Projects

We understand that our customers want only the best quality work, as much as we guarantee that we hold ourselves to the highest standards we know that you might want to see for yourself so below you will find a few of our recent jobs and a gallery of miscellaneous bits and bobs you may want to see, We hope you're impressed!

This job demonstrates just how important it is to have regular vehicle checks completed as these tyres were dangerous. We recommended the customer get 2 new rear tyres which they did the next day.

Speaking of vehicle safety, while we completed the tyre inspection and noticed the low tread depth we completed a complimentary brake check and noticed that the brake pads were getting low so we informed the customer who then chose to have us source and install the new brake pads and wear sensors.

This returning customer also came to us with a big job, They had a bad oil leak and did not want to pay the extortionate prices that garages were asking so we were more than happy to take on the task and get them back on the road. We also completed a complimentary oil and filter change. Fingers crossed we wont need to do any more work for this customer aside from their regularly scheduled checks.

We were able to cover the previous jobs in more detail thanks to the willingness of the customer however we can still share some pictures from other jobs just without the descriptions.

These pictures are from jobs ranging from shower and sink unblocking to leak patches, bathroom renovation, radiator instillation and more. We hope you can see how much care and attention goes into our work.

If you would like us to complete any work for you then all you have to do is fill out the request form below.