Meet Our Team of Co-owners / Founders

Behind every service we provide is a dedicated team of professionals, each bringing their unique expertise and enthusiasm to Handy Handy Men. Get to know the people who make all this possible from the people themselves.

Theo, 18, Co-owner / Founder

Aviation grade engineering qualified and currently employed as an engineer in the UK's largest gym equipment repair and refurbishment centre.

Oscar, 18, Co-owner / Founder

Professionally trained plumber, straight from high-school Oscar gave up his first and only free summer holiday to dive head first straight into his craft.

"While we are both young we can assure you that you will not find better service from anyone else, both for our age and overall we are both highly qualified and exceptionally experienced in all of the services we offer, all of our qualifications and experience has been acquired as a result of passion for the craft so you know we will treat every project with the utmost importance and professionalism."

A short meet and greet from the team

Theo                                                                                                 Oscar

"Hi i'm Theo also known as 1/2 of Handy-Handy so here is a little about me, I am 18 years old and employed at the UK's largest gym equipment repair and refurbishment company as a technician. After high-school at age 16 i completed a level 3 course in aviation engineering and all of the modules that go into it such as Hydraulics, Electrics, Plumbing and more. One of my biggest hobbies is working on my car which  i often do with my friend and Co-owner of Handy-Handy, Oscar".

""Hello I'm Oscar I am the second (but equally important) half of Handy-Handy. After finishing high-school I immediately began work in my main trade (plumbing) which I have now been professionally studying for 2.5 years. I often times find myself in the gym keeping myself in strict shape. In my spare time myself and fellow Co-owner Theo like to occupy ourselves with productive tasks such as when we built my outside decking".

We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality service in any line of work and to guarantee this we sometimes consult with our specialist trusted contractors (at no cost to the customer) as this way Handy-Handy truly can be the Jack-of-all-trades but remain the master of them aswell, We utilise 2 contractors that have been tested by us and will always work to our specification and values to ensure the best result to you.

High-Quality Brands

We use only high-quality brands for all of our services, which includes using only the best quality tools such as Milwaukee-fuel to ensure the durability and reliability in every task we undertake as we know how a job is done is the most important aspect of any project.

Comprehensive Services

From mechanical repairs to home gym equipment maintenance and various renovation tasks we cover a wide range of tasks to meet all your home maintenance needs.

Flexible Payment Options

Our flexible payment options, including cash and bank transfers to ensure convenience for our valued customers.

Ready to Experience High-End Service?

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